Xinyang Miao, Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong (Communication & Psychology)

Hong Kong_Xinyang Miao (2)

  1. What was your biggest fear about studying abroad that turned out to be no big deal?

Before the program started, I worried a little about the difficulty of the courses I would be taking at HKU. However, it turned out that the courses were no harder than the ones I have taken here at UCSB. The most different part of the courses is that almost every class, especially those under humanities and social sciences, involves a great amount of group work. Group work makes up most of your grade. Personally I enjoyed this group collaboration mode since it made it easier for me to meet and make friends with local students. 

  1. What do you wish you had done to better prepare before going abroad?

If anything, I wish I could have chosen a year long program 🙂

  1. What were your favorite classes abroad? How did they compare to UCSB?

 I loved all the classes I took at HKU including Photography, Introduction to Marketing, Advanced Business Communication, Therapeutic Psychology and Crime Investigation. Given that every class involved a lot of group works, I could really feel myself engaging with not only the professor but also with the rest of the class. Comparing to the classes at UCSB, I feel like these HKU courses are more career- and interest-oriented.

  1. What is one of your best memories from abroad?

 My best memories are eating dim sum at a restaurant with my roommates at 3am, going for a hike at 4am to catch the sunrise, enjoying the music, food, drinks and everything that Hong Kong nightlife has to offer.

  1. What was your biggest challenge abroad?

 Language. I wish I could have taken a Cantonese class so next time I go I can have an easier time communicating with the locals.

  1. What is your favorite aspect of your host culture?

Everyone knows how to “work hard, play hard”.

Hong Kong_Xinyang Miao (1)

  1. Did you intern, volunteer, or conduct fieldwork or research abroad? If so, tell us about your experience.

I did a psychology research internship with Dr. Cheung on a depression-related study. My main duty was to conduct literature review and screening with another partner. There were also weekly meetings with Dr. Cheung and all his interns where we discussed about academic papers and psychology-related topics. The meetings were fun and inspiring.

  1. What local food or drink do you miss most now that you are back?

 DIM SUM and literally everything, especially the street foods.

  1. How have you changed since your time abroad?

 I have learned to think more critically about our rights, our community and our responsibilities to the country as students.

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  1. What is your advice to prospective UCSB EAP students?

If you are thinking about HKU, then don’t hesitate to make the decision because it will be one of the best ones you’ve ever made. Browse through HKU’s course catalog to see what they have to offer and prioritize the courses on the UCSB pre-approved lists if you want less time waiting for your course petition to be approved.


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