Alyssa Pace, New Zealand Universities-Victoria University of Wellington (Environmental Studies)



Best Memory: I can’t choose one! A few of my favorites are bungee jumping, solo hiking Roy’s Peak, and watching the sun set on Lake Wakatipu with hot chocolate and my best friends.

nz-victoria-pace-alyssa-nz-trampingBiggest Challenge: Learning how to travel without my parents. After our week-long orientation in Auckland, we were left to our own devices to fill the week until move-in for our new uni flats. A few friends and I spent a whole night planning a roadtrip down the North Island, discovering HostelWorld and calling car rental companies and trying to make a budget. That was the first of many frantic trip planning adventures, but no matter how stressful the logistics could get, the trips always ended up being so fun.

nz-victoria-pace-alyssa-wanakaHow You’ve Changed Since: My planning expertise sharpened like crazy throughout my semester abroad, leading to a trip around Australia and some solo trips around New Zealand. Knowing I am competent enough to travel alone is a very empowering and exciting feeling. I’ve learned how to enjoy my own company, meet and connect with people from all over the world, and fend for myself in a whole new way.

Advice To Prospective EAP Students: Check out study abroad destinations that venture from the norm. I advocate for tiny countries (go New Zealand!), and have friends that have loved studying in Thailand, South Africa, and Brazil. There are tons of really cool, different places out there!

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